Abana Creative is a boutique design studio dedicated to raising the bar for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and local organizations.

Founding sisters Abby and Anna Larson work with ambitious industry leaders to re-imagine their digital presence with bold and creative graphic design.

Anna and Abby have a life-long history of working well together. Their first lesson in brand identity design came way back when they were scrawny (and just as ambitious) 11 & 12 year olds.
The two budding entrepreneurs hosted an annual neighborhood summer camp for their
babysitting clients called Camp Fantazie.


Unsurprisingly, none of the campers or their families actually called them by that name and instead the program became known as Abby & Anna Camp. The sisters leaned into this identity rather than pushing for the original name and ended up continuing with the summer camp each year until they left home for college.


Early on, they learned the value of name-recognition,

word-of- mouth referrals, and most importantly,

how to work with each other on long-term projects.

CampFantazie Flyer 1.png
CampFantazie Flyer 2.png


Graphic Designer, Creative Director

Abby graduated from Washington State University in 2020 with a degree in Digital Technology & Culture and a minor in Fine Arts. During her time in Pullman, she interned as a designer for a handful or organizations including College Hill Custom Threads, the WSU Marketing Department, and McKinley Irvin Family Law here in Seattle. After graduation she worked full-time for Ames Bros, a well-known Seattle design agency before launching Abana Creative.



Marketing Coordinator, Chief of Operations

Anna Larson graduated from the University of Denver early in 2021 with a double major in
Finance and Marketing.


As Abana Creative’s Chief of Operations, her innate attention to detail and well-rounded project management skills keep us on track, and often, ahead of schedule. Anna’s background in marketing aids our pursuit of developing highly functional and time-withstanding brand identities.